Goodbye, Things - The New Japanese Minimalism — Danish Prakash

Goodbye, Things - The New Japanese Minimalism

A beginner-friendly introduction to minimalism. I originally picked this book up because I watched Fumio Sasaki’s interview wherein he gives a rundown of his life as a minimalist and also mentions his book at the end. In this book, he talks about a lot of issues one has to deal with when it comes to living in modern societies. I’m one of them. He then lays bare his own struggles and how he overcame his insecurities just by getting rid of superfluous material possessions from his life. I’d recommend this to folks who are into minimalism. Even if you’re just getting started, I’d suggest you watch Fumio Sasaki’s interview and some introduction videos from Lefie (another minimalist) on the internet. As for a progression into minimalism after this, I’m going to explore books and other minimalists that the author has listed in the beginning of the book.