Indistractable — Danish Prakash


Cheesy title but glad I fell for it. Stumbled upon this while surfing Audible for suggestions. It was a short read focusing on distractions in the modern age and how to tackle them. One surprising discovery in this book for me was how the author takes the blame away from technological inventions – the mobile phone for e.g. – and finds the underlying issue as a psychological one. For e.g., teenagers tend to delve into their phones because they want the freedom to do and explore things their way, and given how structured schooling has become lately, mobile phones act as an escape. I’m one of those who blame smartphones for the intellectual deterioration of the masses and I was pleasantly surprised to read the reasoning here and it made sense too. Another good thing out of this read was my reintroduction to timeboxing. I’ve tried it in the past and failed fashionably but the way the author breaks it down into areas of life and the fact that being paranoid about your schedule down to the very minute not being an absolute requirement in this variant of timeboxing, made me give it another try, with more honesty. All in all, a really good read!