On Tyranny - Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century — Danish Prakash

On Tyranny - Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

History repeats itself. It helps us look for patterns so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes that were previously committed. But it turns out it isn’t trivial to learn from past mistakes. The author talks about how Fascist use the media, the people, and how they craft their narrative to gain power and to destroy the very democratic institutions that they used to come to power. Unironically, the exact same thing is going on in various parts of the world, India is a prime example as also mentioned in the book. Obama mentioned in one of his books that the world experiences waves of extremism over the decades and unfortunately, we’re on the wrong side of the wave right now. But even this shall pass and to ensure the same, individuals should try to contribute as much as they can and in whatever capacity they can and that is where this book comes in. It’s quite a short read and a must.