The Art of Lifting — Danish Prakash

The Art of Lifting

Stumbled upon Grug Nuckols’ Stronger by Science blog and I was in awe of the in-depth knowledge he has about lifting. This is one in a two-part series book on lifting, a short weekend read that mostly focuses on the overarching aspects of lifting that very many people forget while grinding day to day. Things like how results are going to be different for different people based on their individual complex physiology or that a way of lifting or a particular variant of a lift might be suitable for one but not for others. I had a narrow tunnel-vision approach to looking at people lifting and scoffing if they didn’t do it right. Turns out there are countless people who lift with an unconventional approach just because it suits them better and they see results and for most folks, results are what they’re working towards.

The authors also talk about the psychological effects of lifting which was a welcome addition to a book on lifting. I was a little torn with the nutrition advise given I just recently finished Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint but I’ll ascribe that to what Greg mentions in one of the chapters, keep on exploring and see what works for you. All in all, a nice short read if you’re into lifting.