The Bookseller of Kabul — Danish Prakash

The Bookseller of Kabul

A great book. We’ve all read, mostly on the news, how difficult life is like in certain parts of the world. This book is about life of a “upper middle class” family in Kabul and it’s depressing. A stark reminder to the kind of lavish/privileged lives we live thanks to where we are born and to not take it for granted. It becomes especially bleak if you are a female. Young people longing for education and freedom to go out to the parks? yeah, that’s the kind of almost fictional account this book is about. Wouldn’t say much here, but would just encourage you to give this a read to understand and appreciate what you have.

P.S. This is a third party account of the lives of members of the khan family and there has been controversy around it not being completely accurate.