The Paleo Manifesto - Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health — Danish Prakash

The Paleo Manifesto - Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health

I’ve been following a slightly modified version of Paleo for some time now and wanted more concrete reading on the topic, found this book recommended quite often in some of the Paleo forums online. This book provides a rather holistic approach to the Paleo lifestyle. It doesn’t just cover the “Paleo diet” as we’ve come to know but rather the Paleo lifestyle. This includes, biphasic sleep, hunting, movement, barefoot running, and eating paleo of course. In a very self-experimented-driven manner, the author backs almost everything he talks about in this book with his experiences and also scientific studies as and when required so it’s not totally ideologically driven, unlike most other diet books. He did go on a lengthy “rant” on vegetarianism which I felt was uncalled for but you’ll get the intent. And some of the claims made in the book – eating soil once in a while – I’d do more research on but all in all, it was quite an interesting read. If you’re into nutrition, give this a read.