The Primal Blueprint — Danish Prakash

The Primal Blueprint

I’ve been a follower of Mark before I came to know about the Paleo or the Primal movement and that naturally introduced me to the notion of eating Primal. Mike promotes a grain-free primal diet that our ancestors, the neanderthals or the early homo sapiens used to eat. Meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn’t find anything new in this book apart from a more gentle nudge to continue to follow paleo (or primal as Mike would call it). As a side note, I might as well mention that I actually felt good about eating a certain diet (primal, in this case) for the first time in my life. With primal, I don’t feel bloated and lethargic like I used to earlier. It’s a good book if you’re interested in the topic, as usual.