I’m an Engineer at HackerRank where I mostly spend my time writing and maintaining backend services written in Golang. Before this, I interned at SocialCops where I also worked on developing tooling for internal use mostly in Python.

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A lot of people message me asking about the theme of this website and what I used to built it. It’s your typical static website with quite some time spent fiddling with the design to get it to where it is right now. You can find the source for this website on Github.


I’m the kind of person who maintains a separate repository for his dotfiles. I’m “passionate” about my setup, It has equal amounts of aesthetics and efficiency. I’d love to talk more about it in depth but this is not the right place, maybe a post of it’s own someday. Until then, here’s some info:

editor      : nvim
colorscheme : vim-yami
terminal    : Alacritty
font        : IBM Plex Mono
mux         : tmux
shell       : zsh
os          : macOS