<no value> — Danish Prakash


Hi, I’m Danish! I’m an engineer by profession and I currently live in Bengaluru, India. I tend to spend my time reading or preferably outdoors. I’m into weight training, badminton, and swimming, in that order. I also dabble with photography time to time and have also been trying to write more lately.


I currently work at SUSE focusing on container technologies. Before this, I spent 4 years at HackerRank working on the core remote code execution service using technologies such as Kubernetes, Containers and Go. Before that, I interned at SocialCops (Atlan) where I also worked on developing tooling for internal use working mostly with Python.

I’m interested in distributed systems, developer tooling, infrastructure engineering (cloud-native infrastructure) and programming languages. I’ve experience working with systems solving problems involving performance optimizations, scaling, monitoring and alerting. I’ve past experience writing Go and Python professionally while also dabbling a little with DevOps (deployment and infrastructure).

I also like contributing to Open Source Software, focusing on contributing to projects I personally use or have an interest in (developer tools, infrastructure). You can find my contributions here.


I’ve my setup configuration files in this repository. I’m more or less constantly working on the efficiency of my setup. It has equal amounts of aesthetics and efficiency. I’d love to talk more about it in depth but this probably is not the right place, maybe a post of it’s own someday.

~ $ curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/danishprakash/zf/master/zf | zsh
OS:              GNU/Linux
DISTRO:          openSUSE Tumbleweed
KERNEL:          6.1.0-1-default
SHELL:           zsh
EDITOR:          nvim


A lot of people message me asking about the theme of this website and what I used to built it. It’s your typical static website built using kizai with quite some time spent fiddling with the design to get it to where it is right now. You can find the source for this website on Github.