I like to write tools, mostly command line utilities and plugins, here’s some of the stuff that I’ve written:

  • zf: barely there fetch utility
  • nvim-blameline: GitLens’s current line blame for nvim.
  • vim-docker: Docker development plugin for Vim
  • vim-zen: Barebones Vim plugin manager
  • vim-githubinator: Show selected text in Vim on Github
  • vim-yami: Monochromatic dark(闇) theme for Vim
  • goodreadsh: Command line interface for
  • py-splice: A Python interface to splice(2) syscall
  • githubfs: Read-only virtual file-system for Github using FUSE
  • pip-name: Check whether a package name is available on PyPi
  • amizone-cli: Command line interface for
  • dash: Unix shell written with piping & history recollection
  • vimport: Vim plugin to import and drop modules
  • chromatic: Create monochromatic backgrounds on the terminal

That’s about it, feel free to reach out.